Guidance and advice for individual volunteers

Lickey and Blackwell Parish Council is committed to the safety of its staff, residents and all those volunteers who support our communities by cleaning up, making our environment a nicer place to be. Volunteer litter picking occurs in all different forms, from the individual whilst out for a walk, to organised groups looking to make an impact in their local community.

Your health and safety is important to us and this is why we have compiled this checklist to help you continue to enjoy your volunteering and to help keep Lickey and Blackwell area litter free. Follow our easy to use guide for preparing and taking part in litter picking.

Dos and don’ts of litter picking
Can I take part ·       Please follow current guidelines on volunteering during Covid-19

·       If you are in at-risk category, please consider carefully if  you should be taking part in activities at this point

·       Do you have any Covid-19 symptoms? Please follow the current government guidelines on self-isolation

Before litter picking ·       Always let a member of your family know where you are going and when you are expected home

·       Carry a mobile phone

·       Remember to take hand sanitizer, gloves and a litter picker

During litter picking ·       Always use gloves and litter pickers when collecting litter

·       Try to wear reflective or light coloured clothing

·       Wear strong boots or shoes

·       Be aware of your surroundings

·       Please follow the current guidelines on social distancing

After litter picking ·       Place any rubbish in a strong waste bag provided to you  and follow where this bag needs to be disposed after discussion with your volunteer coordinator for the day

·       Always wash your hands after litter picking

Do not ·       Handle any needles or sharp objects

·       Pick up any discarded face masks or gloves with your hands, use litter picker and place immediately in the bag

·       Litter pick on busy roads

·       Lift anything that is too heavy

·       Work when it is dark or unsafe


(modified from Bham City Council guidelines)