This year residents, councillors and county councillors took part in judging Best Front Gardens in the parish.

The final winning entries were chosen by the Councillors on the Communications group. Video below shows the winning front gardens in Small/Medium, Large garden and Community garden categories.



Prize giving ceremony was conducted in the Trinity Centre, Lickey on 10th July 2022.

Small/Medium Gardens

Cllr David O’Reilly, Mr Collins & Cllr Christine Szwed (1st Prize)

Cllr David O’Reilly, Mr and Mrs Hughes & Cllr Christine Szwed (2nd Prize)

Cllr david O’Reilly, Mr Ball & Cllr Christine Szwed (3rd Prize)

Large Gardens

First Prize              Mr & Mrs Grimshaw

Mr Grimshaw receiving the prize.

Second Prize         Mr & Mrs Smith

Cllr Bernice Jones, Mrs Smith & Cllr Nick Forknell

Third Prize          Dr & Mrs Saini

Community Garden

Lisa Winterbourn (EO), Katie Smith & Cllr Bernice Jones